Winter 2014 Curling League

Hello Curlers,

Some good news, in partnership with the City we've arranged to add a little more ice time to the league schedule this year and hence, more teams.

The extra time will be on Saturday evenings; one 90 minute match. This means that about every four weeks your match will be on Saturday evening instead of Wednesday night and it will be 90 minutes (buzzer after 75 minutes) instead of 60 minutes (buzzer at 45 minutes.) 

The Wed matches will be at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. The Sat match will be a mix of either 7.30pm or 9.15pm starts. You can see the calendar here.

The first week of play begins January 8th. The first week's matches don't count towards the league ranking. Regular league season play begins January 15th and runs through March 8th. The tournament will run March 12th through 29th, and all tournament matches will be 90 minutes long!

The league fee will go up just slightly, an extra $7.50 per person, to $540 per team. Each additional person over 4 people on your team is still an additional $40.

Wendle Whiting
Aspen Curling Club

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